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Quality Hangers at Incredible Prices

USA Hanger is a major retailer of excellent wooden hangers, satin hangers, vinyl hangers, metal hangers, anti-theft hangers, and children's hangers. Our pride is in the quality of our hanger products. At USA Hanger, our wooden hangers, vinyl hangers and metal hangers are designed and manufactured of only the highest quality materials. Because we manufacture our hangers, we are able to keep our prices low and pass the savings on to you at an incredible price. Whether you are a retailer or you are just looking to beautify your home, USA Hanger has a solution for you at a price you're willing to pay. As you browse through our site, you will see why our hangers are the most sought after clothing hanger collections in America and why many have made USA Hanger their place to buy hangers!

USA Hanger prides itself in the quality of its product. We carry maple wood and the elegant and strong Lotus wood hangers. Many people have asked us how can we have such great prices and still maintain your quality of our products. The answer is simple we buy very large quantities and we work on very low margins.

The correct Hangers can add looks and style to your closet and helps keep you organized
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USAHanger.com offers only the best pricing in Hangers in order to do this we manufacture our own hangers. We ship all our Hangers with in the continental United States.
We are now manufacturing all our hangers. This allows USAHanger.com to keep our prices down and our quality up.

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